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I'm Having Trouble Downloading My Files



  • Henning Waschk

    I had trouble in downloading my courses and now the system indicates that I have reached my maximum number of downloads, well. That’s wrong!

  • Greg Cox

    I am struggling to expand and open the downloadable .zip files as certain Tutorials open (5,7,8,9,11,13) the others are unable to expand and open. Please, can you advise me what to do As I have over 30mps internet download speed, so can't the internet? So must be the files.

  • Clive Blair

    I've bought, downloaded and installed your 3D LUT profiles for Capture One, but I'm having trouble getting them to work. After chatting with Earth Oliver in the Facebook group it appears I'm missing all the corresponding .icm profiles, while all the .costyle files are present in the correct folder.
    I've re-downloaded the zip files but I'm still missing the relevant files.
    Is there anyway to send just the .icm profile files so I can insert them along side their .costyle partner file?


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