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  • depaolis

    Hi Tom .I’m from Uk tooand I got the same problem . Did you manage to download the files?

  • Joe Teng Wei Ming

    Me too donno why


  • PRO EDU Support

    Don't think of the Internet as "speed only" as the leading indicator of a good download. It has more to do with the stability of the connection with your ISP. A simple restart of your modem and router is a great way to re-establish a connection with your ISP and this fixes the issue 95% of the time. Just turn off your modem and router and turn them back on.

  • Artisticlightimagery

    I had the same problem with my purchase. Can't download. My speedtest was fine and tried to save as link. No help at all.

    I tried to restart my modem and router NO HELP. 

  • Tamas Csevakli

    Hi Guys, have the same Problem. I have a 100Mbit Connection (Down), the 10MB pdf takes me 3 Hours to Download?!

    I tried other site´s, there i download with full speed. Only your connection is not working.

    In December i had the D.Diamond Tutorial, there was no problems. Can you guys please check the problem?


    (Downloading from EU/Austria - Vienna)

    I tried :

             - Modem/Router Restart

             - Speed Check
             - Have no VPN 

  • Sang Yon Won

    I have the same issue here. Can't get it to download any of my purchases.

    I tried all the tips but it just will not download.

    It will start off fine then after few seconds of downloading the download speed will go down to 0MB/s then disconnect. After resuming it will do the same thing all over again.

    Did anyone solve this issue?

  • Afrikanu

    Hello i have the same problem. 1000Mbps and 1.2 MB/s download..and sometimes stops.. this is bad.. you should resolve this issue, any other site works. You should use another download option..

  • Jehan

    This stuff is like being in Hell... I am fighting since about one month to get my course/class and cannot get it. All I get are pictures (NEF & Tif) but nothing else.

    I start to wonder about this entire story but my money is gone now :-(

  • Lori Pengelley

    Yeah I have had days of hell trying to download the files too, I am totally fed up. I wish I had read the forum before purchasing or I would have know better. Plus there is no phone number provided so you have to wait 24 hours plus for every question. It's extremely disappointing because the classes look good and I would have purchased a number of them but certainly won't do it after this nightmare. I have literally tried 50 times plus to download these files on different browsers. I even bought a new $50 Zip manager in case that was the issue. Tried all tips they provided and nothing made the slightest difference. What a horrible experience so far....

  • Tamas Csevakli

    Hey Guys! On my Home Internet (cable 100/10Mbit) it was not working. I did all the things what you basically do. Restart Modem/Router and PC/Mac. It was not working. So i tried the Mobile Phone network. I have a LTE network (T-Mobile) with 150/50Mbit (50GB free) and there it was working. I hope you guys find a way too. Cheers


    I can't even expand the downloaded zip file! UGHHHHHHH

  • Willie Botes

    Can expand the downloaded files??? Please help!


  • Justin Carter

    Alright so my internet speed is like 8-10mbs download so it's not amazing. But what I had to do was make sure I didn't stream or watch anything while downloading the file because it would normally stop and crash the download and I literally watched it in my Downloads tab being downloaded for 20-30 minutes for that one file so that way I just didn't see it "magically done". I was getting errors before doing this painstaking process but as long as I can see it takes that long to download a 1GB zip file, that means it worked for me.

    We must watch the water boil for this to work it seems like!

    Good luck everyone!

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